Ready for carbon

Got the two bridges glued in today and it’s all sanded back smooth ready for the carbon layup.

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All tacked up.

Got the new jig all set and the 2nd frame all tacked up last night. Next is to do the brake and chain stay bridges, then onto a layer of fibreglass (only around the metal parts) then carbon fibre!

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Precision engineering

There’s something very sexy about lasers. Besides being commonly attached to sharks they’re also very sexy in that they can cut through 6mm stainless steel like it’s butter. That’s right folks – the drop-outs I designed have been laser cut by the good folk at New Touch Laser and delivered to my door. I’ve got 10 sets cut, which means there’s a run of 10 bamboo bikes being built in the very near future!

Here’s some pics of the drop-outs, me tapping the thread for the derailleur screw in and how they’ll integrate into the bamboo chain-stays:

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Melbourne Bike Fest win!

Woohoo! Bamboo Bikes won the ‘Healthy’ category of Melbourne Bike Fest!

Here’s me accepting my prize (A sweet Gazelle Chamonix bike!) and making a silly non-sensical speech:

Many thanks to Pip Carroll & Georgi Lewis and all the other lovely people who put on the festival, it was awesome!

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Melbourne Bike Fest

It just so happens that we’re a finalist in the Melbourne Bike Festival’s “Better by Bike” competition! The awards night is this Thursday from 6-8pm, so come on down to £1000 Bend and say hello!

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Getting a jiggle on

I decided to splurge out on a better jig, as the home-made setup I was previously using was a bastard to adjust and get everything level and straight. So I ordered some Maytec aluminium extrusion and components and now have something that’s a lot easier to work with!  Here’s some pics of the new setup:

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